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How Standing Out in Hi-Vis Workwear Can Get You a Pay Rise

High-visibility workwear is designed to make you stand out even in low-light conditions through retro-reflection, but anyone reading this should already know that. In fact, explaining it any further could be considered an insult to any railway or construction worker worth their salt. So when we talk about standing out in hi-vis workwear, rest assured that we aren’t talking about retro-reflection. Don’t get us wrong, retro-reflection saves lives. But we’re talking about improving your quality of life by blazing through the ranks. And to do this, all you need to... Read More


Why is Polyester used for Lightweight Hi-Vis Trousers?

Have you found the perfect lightweight hi-vis trousers only to find out that it’s made out of polyester? Let’s be honest, polyester is usually seen as a sign of a cheap product. And while it is probably the cheapest fabric out in the market, not all manufacturers use it solely due to its price. Polyester is often used for lightweight hi-vis trousers because it’s a lightweight fabric like cotton. If you’re reading this, then you were probably searching for 100% cotton lightweight hi-vis trousers. Unfortunately, those items are now quite... Read More


Why is this Balenciaga Hi-Vis Jacket Selling for £2,890?

In 2021, Balenciaga released a hi-vis reversible padded jacket for men that cost a whopping £2,890. In comparison, the most expensive hi-vis item in the Gorilla Workwear collection is Mascot’s 13830 Emmen Jacket, which will set you back £413. So what exactly makes this neon-yellow parka deserve its absurd price tag? Well, it’s reversible so it’s technically two jackets in one. The jacket’s inside lining is black so it’s a great way to mentally switch gears. At the end of the day, you can reverse the jacket and leave your... Read More


The Tiny Trains of the Hallig Islands in Germany

The Lüttmoorsiel-Nordstrandischmoor island railway or simply Lorenbahn to the locals, is a state-owned non-public 2.2 mile railway that runs through 10 tiny islands off the North West Coast of Germany. Despite being designated as a non-public rail line, residents of the Hallig Islands do travel through it, on their own personal wagons nonetheless! Why was the Nordstrandischmoor Lorenbahn Created? You might be wondering why locals are using a non-public railway and for what reason did they create this strange tiny two mile railroad anyway? Well the Hallig Islands are low-lying... Read More


Is the CE Marking Still Valid in the UK?

Yes, the CE Marking is still valid in the UK until 1 January 2023. After that date though, the UKCA Marking will replace the CE Marking for all applicable products in the UK market. What Does the CE Marking Mean? CE stands for Conformitè Europëenne, which is French for European Conformity. So placing the CE mark on a product is a way for a manufacturer to declare that it conforms with EU health, safety, and environmental requirements. And since the UK is no longer part of the EU, it makes... Read More


Do EN Standards Still Apply to the UK after Brexit?

Yes, EN Standards still apply to the UK despite Brexit. You might be wondering why that is, considering EN is an abbreviation of Europäische Norm or European Norm. Well, UK Standards are the responsibility of the British Standards Institution (BSI). And the BSI is still a member of the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC). Which are the two organisations that draft and maintain the EN Standards. Why is the British Standards Institution Still a member of CEN and CENELEC? The Trade and... Read More


Anderson’s Piano: Scotland’s 140 Year Old Railway Safety System

Modern railways are now integrating Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, The Internet-of-things, and Drone inspections into their safety systems. And yet the Pass of Brander in the West Highland Line in Scotland is still using a railway safety system designed during Victorian times. The Pass of Brander stone signals, also known as Anderson’s Piano, is a signalling system that detects rockfalls using a screen of wires linked to semaphore signals. When a rock falls onto the railway, it breaks through a set of wires, which in turn causes 1 of 17... Read More

Who Makes The Warmest Fleece Jackets? 02/03/2022

Who Makes the Warmest Fleece Jackets in 2022?

The warmest fleece jackets are the heavyweight ones that have fleece weights of more than 300 grams per square metre. In the 2022 Gorilla Workwear collection, Portwest and Result make the warmest fleece jackets. Let’s take a closer look at the heavyweight fleece jackets we have on stock and find the perfect one for you. Portwest F400 Argyll Heavy Fleece This 400g fleece jacket is one of our best sellers and with good reason. Its traditional and simple design and its wide variety of available colours is the key to... Read More

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Which Brand Makes the Best Black Hi Vis Trousers?

Leo Workwear, Portwest, and Mascot manufacture some of the best looking Hi Vis Trousers that are out in the market. So let’s take a look at Gorilla Workwear’s black hi vis trousers sourced from these brands and find out which one has the best combination of style and visibility. Leo Workwear CT02 Ilfracombe Cargo Style Reflective Poly/Cotton Hi Vis Trouser The first advantage of this black hi vis trouser from Leo Workwear is that it’s the only all-black item in this list; with the other two being two-toned. This also... Read More


Do You Need Waterproof Boots to Go on a Hadrian’s Wall Walk?

Yes, waterproof boots are necessary when going for a walk along Hadrian’s Wall National Trail. The trail gets muddy when it rains and walking for miles while your feet are wet is never a good time. This is also the reason why most people tend to walk Hadrian’s Wall Path from the months of May to October. Now maybe you’re thinking that you won’t need waterproof walking boots if you schedule your walk in summer. But even the short summer showers can cause the path to get muddy at certain... Read More