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Safety first! What workwear does the rail industry need to stay out of danger?

The rail industry is crucial to the countries mobility and ensures the UK’s rail network is safe to travel on. From building new tracks to maintaining current signals and overhead lines, those involved in this sector help keep the nation moving. As you would expect from such an industry, the safety of workers is a top priority. This can be especially seen in the clothing UK rail workers wear to stay out of danger. But which is the most essential for staying safe when on a job? Hi vis workwear... Read More


3 essential items of workwear for agriculture work

The agriculture sector is one of the most important industries supporting the nation’s economy and our way of life. Without farmers growing crops or rearing meat, life would look a lot different! Of course, this is a sector that also provides jobs and brings money into UK coffers. If you work in agriculture, you know just how important and rewarding it is. You also know that long hours working outside in all weathers means having the right workwear is crucial. But what are 3 of the most essential items to... Read More


How do you find best-fit work coveralls?

If your job requires coveralls to be worn onsite, they must fit well. To explore the benefits of workwear that fits and make sure you purchase the right size, read on for some useful guidance. What happens when coveralls don’t fit? Workwear that is too baggy can be a hindrance and cause harm. Tripping on too-long trouser hems or getting the cuff of a loose sleeve caught in machinery can be dangerous. However, when coveralls are too tightly fitting, they hamper movement. Restrictive clothing stops workers from moving freely, slowing... Read More


3 signs you need to buy a new pair of work boots

One key aspect of any job is having the right clothing to wear. While the top, trousers or jacket you have on is key, what you wear on your feet is also crucial. Having the right footwear not only keeps you safe but also means you can carry out your job to your maximum capability. It also sees you projecting the right image and fitting in with what colleagues are wearing. One real staple of the workplace in many sectors are work boots. But how do you know when it... Read More


What makes a hi-vis jacket durable?

Hi-vis jackets have just one purpose: to keep workers visible on dangerous work sites or where there are unsafe conditions. This is important in many sectors, including construction, engineering and warehousing, and can prevent you from becoming seriously injured, especially where heavy machinery is involved. However, at Gorilla Workwear, our hi-vis jackets are made with something else in mind: durability. We understand that you don’t want to have to be replacing your uniform every other month because it has fallen apart, so our team have created this blog post on... Read More


What are the different types of safety footwear?

Engineers, construction workers, electricians, plumbers and warehouse operatives – these are just some of the people who need to wear safety footwear in the workplace. But did you know that there are different safety shoes that provide varying levels of protection for your feet? At Gorilla Workwear, our experts have created this short guide to ensure you choose the best safety shoes for the industry you’re working in. Electrostatic dissipative safety shoes An electrostatic dissipative safety shoe is made from electricity resilient plastic. This means if your shoe comes into... Read More


What winter workwear do I need to stay safe working outdoors?

The cold winter months are approaching, and many people will be working outdoors. The winter season is one of the most dangerous for a range of outdoor careers, including construction work. However, with the correct winter workwear, you can stay safe outside in any weather. Check out this blog post to see what you need to wear to stay safe during outdoor work to prepare yourself for the months ahead! What winter hazards do you need to consider when working outdoors? It’s essential to recognise what hazards the winter months... Read More


How often should I be replacing my hi-vis?

Hi-vis clothing is essential in industries such as construction where employee visibility can impact their safety. Wearing hi-vis workwear daily, however, often means it is subject to wear and tear, making it difficult to know when replacement is necessary. At Gorilla Workwear, we understand that it can be a pain to have to constantly replace hi-vis uniforms so we have compiled this guide on how frequently you need to replace hi-vis workwear, with some tips on how to make it last longer. How often should I replace my hi-vis clothing?... Read More


Who wears safety boots these days?

With every passing week, more and more is being done in the protective clothing and footwear industry to protect you whilst you go about your day’s work. This is no less true for safety boots, as we strive towards the ideal boot that provides unlimited levels of comfort, legendary protection for every inch of foot – and all combined with a smooth and professional finish. But this work might have you thinking ‘Should I be wearing safety boots in my line of work?’ To be able to answer this, our... Read More


The importance of hi-vis workwear

High-visibility workwear is extremely important in a variety of industries, from construction to emergency services. There are many reasons why it’s vital in these sectors, from improving safety measures to simplifying the identification of workers. Here we take a closer look at the importance of high-visibility workwear in many different environments around the UK. Maintains safety First and foremost, hi-vis clothing like bodywarmers and gilets is needed to maintain the safety of all workers in a dangerous or busy environment. For example, when worn at construction sites, hi-vis coats and... Read More