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What to wear when working in the beauty industry

In any beauty business, whether it’s a spa or a salon, the appearance of you and your staff is vital. From grooming to clothing, your workwear says a lot about your business and helps you build your brand identity while providing comfort. However, knowing what styles, accessories, and colours to wear can be difficult as your clothing must maintain a professional image and still encourage staff to present their personal identities. To ease the process, here are a few ideas of things you can wear when working in the beauty... Read More

Three surprising industries that rely on hi-vis clothing

When you think of hi-vis clothing, your mind often goes to a few set industries. These include the construction and warehouse sectors where it’s important to be able to see members of staff in order to prevent injuries and accidents. However, there are plenty of industries where you might not expect to need high visibility clothing. Read on to find out about a few of the industries where hi-vis clothing is also in wide use. Supermarkets Many supermarkets have implemented the use of hi-vis vests for their workers This is... Read More

How to recoup workwear maintenance costs

Did you know that if you wear coveralls or overallsin your daily duties, you may be eligible to claim back the cost of their upkeep? In the next sections, we’ll explain how you can enjoy a tax rebate to help cover any workwear cleaning costs required and ensure your uniform stays in great shape. Are you entitled to tax back on your uniform? Here in the UK, a little-known law states that people who wear uniforms to work can receive a rebate on tax from HMRC. If your daily uniform... Read More

How to stay warm on a cold work site

Working outdoors on a frosty morning can be beautiful, but it can also make the work much harder. Thankfully, innovative workwear can help us fight off the cold when temperatures drop below zero, making outdoor work safer and much easier to cope with. Below, we have outlined some of the most essential workwear for colder weather that will keep you safer and warmer when battling the elements. Starting with the head Keeping your head warm on a job site can be difficult, as you will likely still have to wear... Read More

3 things to think about when choosing work overalls

Overalls come in useful for a variety of people including tradesmen, construction workers and anyone working off-shore. Not only are they protective in terms of personal safety but they also keep the clothes you have on underneath clean too. Of course, to get the most from any workwear, you need to choose the best examples first. But what three things should you be thinking about before buying work overalls? Value for money Everyone will be working to a budget when buying workwear and this means it is key to get... Read More

3 industries which promotional clothing is perfect for

The business sector around the UK is a varied and interesting place. It goes without saying that working in different industries brings unique demands to companies. Firms in the rail industry, for example, will need staff to wear hi-vis clothing so they can be seen easily when on the job, especially in the evenings or on dark mornings. Businesses in other sectors may not need hi-vis clothing but might instead benefit from promotional clothing. This is workwear for staff which is customised to show the company name and/or logo. But... Read More

Top 4 considerations when choosing the ideal safety boots

Safety boots are designed for protection against foot injuries. If your working environment exposes you to such risks, precautionary measures ought to be observed to ensure high productivity. Here are four vital considerations that will land you the best boots. Get the right size A boot that fits well brings comfort at work. Ensure that you can walk with ease to avoid unnecessary lags in your course of duty. A shoe might fit well but still pinch your toes. In such cases, opt for ones with a toe guard. The... Read More

What hi vis jacket is best for me?

Buying the right workwear to use is key in many industries. Wearing the right clothes is very important because it not only keeps you safe but also comfortable and warm. As a result, it helps you to enjoy work more and do a better job. Hi vis clothing is a great example of this and wearing a hi vis jacket is essential in multiple industries. But which might be the best hi vis jacket for you to buy? Portwest S463 hi vis bomber jacket A great choice in terms of... Read More

What size overalls do I need?

When you wear overalls to perform your daily duties, for you to work effectively, it’s essential that they fit well. Work clothing that is too tight won’t allow you to move freely, slowing down how you operate while coveralls that are too loose can be dangerous when they catch on equipment or encumber your activities. Additionally, whether they rip because they have no give or become torn because excess material gets in the way, the wrong size of overalls can also lead to damage and unwanted expense. To ensure you... Read More

Can I claim tax for hi-vis clothing?

Many workplaces ask employees to wear hi-vis clothing to keep them visible and safe. This clothing is designed to save your life. However, the cost of buying enough to use each day at work can quickly add up. It is essential that hi-vis clothing is kept in excellent condition so that the reflective strips remain intact and the garment provides you with comfort and practicality on the job. For workers who wear their hi vis whilst undertaking manual tasks, this may mean replacing your hi-vis clothing regularly. Luckily, workers are... Read More