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Are you wanting towels for personal use at home? Or maybe you want towels for your business? Gorilla Workwear have the perfect towels for every occasion. All of our towels are made to the most amazing quality, in range of different colours and adapted for all different uses. From handtowels, to towel robes we promise that there is something for everyone in this range. Our items are all from top brands such as Gorilla Workwear, Towels By Jassz, and Westford Mill so no matter what you’re wanting a towel for, they will definitely succeed all expectations.

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  • Towels By Jassz T03516 Bath Towel - 140cm x 70cm
  • Westford Mill W701 Tea Towel
    From £1.72 (inc. VAT)
  • Towels By Jassz T02821 Jassz Towels Constance Waffle Robe
  • Towels By Jassz T03502 Jassz Towels Rhine Washing Glove
  • Towels By Jassz T03509 Guest Towel
    From £1.63 (inc. VAT)
  • Towels By Jassz T03515 Towel
    From £4.44 (inc. VAT)
  • Towels By Jassz T03517 Beach Towel - 180cm x 100cm
  • Towels By Jassz T03520 Jassz Towels Rhone Sauna Towel
  • Towels By Jassz T03523 Velour Bath Robe
    From £45.72 (inc. VAT)
  • Towels By Jassz T05004 Jassz Towels Tiber 50x70 Bath Mat
  • Towels By Jassz T05503 Heavyweight Towel
    From £6.52 (inc. VAT)
  • Towels By Jassz T05504 Heavyweight Bath Towel
    From £13.04 (inc. VAT)
  • Towels By Jassz T05505 Heavyweight Guest Towel
  • Towels By Jassz T05506 Heavyweight Big Bath Towel - 180cm x 100cm
  • Towels By Jassz T05599 Golf Towel
    From £3.08 (inc. VAT)
  • Custom Printed Gym / Hairdressers / Hotel / Small Towel 50cm x 30cm - doubleface(TM) Towel NEW

Who doesn’t love a luxurious, fluffy, and cosy towel to wrap up in after a bath or shower? Here at Gorilla Workwear, we believe in indulgence, and that’s why we sell some of the finest towels. Whether its for your own personal use at home, or if you’re wanting towels for your business, make sure you get the most from your towels and treat your clients! Towels in this collection come in range of colours, shades, and styles. We sell smaller hand towels, large towels, beach towels, gym towels and towel dressing gowns.

All items in this collection come with the option of personalised printing and embroidering, perfect as a gift if you know someone who loves a pamper, what would be better to give than a personalised luxury towel or towel dressing gown? Alternatively, you could print towels with your company brand, ideal for advertising. No matter what you’re after, make use of this amazing option and make what you buy your very own!